What are the common problems of pneumatic control valve?

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Wuxi xinming automatic control valve industry limited company tell you what are the common problems of pneumatic control valve?

What are the common problems of pneumatic control valve?

Wuxi Xinming automatic control valve industry co., ltd tells youGasDynamic regulating valveWhat are the common problems?

Pneumatic control valveIt is an important implementation unit instrument in industrial automation process control. With the improvement of industrial automation, it is increasingly used in various industrial production fields. Compared with the traditional pneumatic control valve, the pneumatic control valve has obvious advantages such as energy saving (power consumption at work), environmental protection (no carbon emissions), quick and convenient installation (no complex pneumatic pipelines and air pump workstations). The following is a brief summary of some common problems.
Why can't a double seal valve be used as a shut-off valve?

The advantage of the double-seat valve core is the force balance structure, which allows the pressure difference to be large. The outstanding disadvantage is that the two sealing surfaces cannot be in good contact at the same time, resulting in large leakage. If artificially, forced to cut off the occasion, obviously the effect is not good, even if there are many improvements (such as double seal sleeve valve).
Why is the anti-blocking performance of the straight stroke regulating valve poor and the anti-blocking performance of the angle stroke valve good?
Straight stroke spool for vertical throttling, medium for horizontal inflow and outflow. The flow channel in the valve cavity must be rotated and rotated, so that the flow channel of the valve is quite complex (shaped like an inverted S). In this way, there are many dead zones, which provide space for the precipitation of the medium. In the long run, it will cause blockage. The throttle direction of the angular stroke valve is the horizontal direction. The horizontal inflow and horizontal outflow of the medium are easy to take away the unclean medium. At the same time, the flow path is simple, the medium precipitation space is small, and the angular stroke valve has good anti-blocking performance.
Why is the rubber-lined butterfly valve used for desalted water medium, and the service life of the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve is short?

The desalted water medium contains a low concentration of acid or alkali on the rubber is very corrosive. The corrosive properties of rubber are expansion, aging and low strength. Rubber lined butterfly valve and diaphragm valve use effect is poor. The essence is that the rubber is not corrosion resistant. After the rubber-lined diaphragm valve is improved into a fluorine-lined diaphragm valve with good corrosion resistance, but the diaphragm of the fluorine-lined diaphragm valve cannot withstand folding up and down and breaking, causing mechanical damage and shortening the service life. Now a better way is to use a special ball valve for water treatment, which can be used for 5 to 8 years.

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