The role and use of pneumatic control valve?

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Wuxi Xinming automatic control valve industry Co., Ltd. tell you the role and use of pneumatic control valve? (on)

The role and use of pneumatic control valve?


Wuxi Xinming automatic control valve industry co., ltd tells youPneumatic control valveThe role and purpose?

Pneumatic control valveIt is one of the industrial process control instruments widely used in petroleum, chemical, electric power and other industrial enterprises. According to the working principle of the pneumatic control valve, the compressed air is used as the power source, the cylinder is used as the actuator, and the electric valve positioner, converter, solenoid valve, positioning valve and other accessories are used to drive the valve to realize the switch or proportional adjustment, and receive the control signal of the industrial automatic control system to complete the adjustment of the pipeline medium: flow, pressure, temperature and other process parameters.

1. What are the characteristics and uses of pneumatic control valves in the description of pneumatic control valves?




1. The use and characteristics of the pneumatic control valve: it is a right-angle reverse layout, which can be used with the valve positioner to realize the share adjustment; the V-shaped valve core is suitable for various adjustment occasions, with large rated flow coefficient, large adjustable ratio, good sealing performance, active adjustment function, small volume and vertical installation. Suitable for controlling gas, steam, liquid and other media.

2. The characteristics of pneumatic control valve: it is a right-angle reverse layout, which is composed of V-shaped valve body, pneumatic actuator, positioner and other accessories; it has the inherent flow characteristics of similar ratio; choose double bearing layout, starting torque Small, excellent activity and induction speed; super shearing ability.

Pneumatic piston actuator to compressed air as the power source, through the movement of the piston arm 90 degrees reverse, so that the valve active switch. Its components are: adjusting bolt, actuator box, crank arm, cylinder, cylinder shaft, piston, connecting rod, universal shaft.

4. The working principle of the pneumatic control valve: the pneumatic control valve is composed of the actuator and the regulating mechanism. The actuator is the thrust component of the regulating valve, which generates the corresponding thrust according to the control signal pressure to advance the action of the regulating mechanism. The valve body is a part of the pneumatic control valve, which directly contacts the regulating medium and regulates the flow of the fluid.



2. Pneumatic Control Valve Instructions-Pneumatic Control Valve Operation, Inspection and Maintenance Instructions:

Although there are already some examples of air regulating valves, it is not enough to summarize such products in many aspects. For us, especially learners, it is still necessary to continuously learn and understand the relevant common sense of such products and cannot relax. Therefore, we will inherit and hold the first contents below so that everyone may know more about the relevant common sense of air regulating valves.

One is running.

(1) Before using the pneumatic control valve, the system joint calibration should be carried out.

(2) The pneumatic control valve should close all bypass valves during operation, and the control valve should be within the normal working range. It is strictly forbidden to adjust the position of the entire valve stem and compression spring. If so, they should be punished immediately.

2. Normal inspection.

(1) It is important to check whether the air supply pressure, fasteners and instruments of the pneumatic control valve are loose and leaking. If any, it should be processed in real time.

(2) All connectors should be checked for tightness, friction, scratches and deformation.

(3) What is the protective environment of the instrument route and whether the sealing environment at the sealing place is good.

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