How to choose the right pneumatic ball valve?

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Select a good pneumatic ball valve manufacturer, generally can proceed from three aspects, is nothing more than price, quality, after-sales service in these three aspects to proceed. About domestic and imported pneumatic ball valve varies from person to person, the selection of suitable for the heart price of the ball valve manufacturer is the first choice of customers.

How to choose the right pneumatic ball valve?

Choose a good one.Pneumatic ball valveManufacturers can generally proceed from three aspects, which are nothing more than price, quality, and after-sales service. About domestic and importedPneumatic ball valveDifferent from person to person, the selection of suitable for the heart price of the ball valve manufacturer is the customer's first choice.
       Pneumatic ball valveIt is a kind of high temperature resistance, long service life, compact structure, small volume, reliable operation, good sealing, simple repair, convenient equipment, strong adaptability and other benefits. Especially suitable for the medium is viscous, containing particles, fiber nature of the combination, pneumatic high temperature ball valve is the selection of metal hard seal ball valve and piston pneumatic actuator.
Pneumatic ball valve product features
1, hard oxidation treatment, cylinder selection of high strength aluminum alloy material, after hard oxidation treatment, high resistance, not easy to leave scratches
2. The two end covers of the baking paint plan are treated by the baking paint process, which is not easy to fall and can well maintain the cylinder body.
3, corrosion resistance, corrosion resistance function is strong, the use of life more durable
4, small flow resistance, full bore ball valve, ball valve fluid resistance is small, choose full bore root no flow resistance
5. Widely used in petroleum, metallurgy, electric power, water conservancy, new energy and other working conditions
6. Casting according to the standard, linking the bracket, more accurate, no vacancy
7, standardization, national standard, American standard, Japanese standard


Pneumatic ball valve manufacturers recommend the selection of pneumatic ball valve:
1, the use of media. It is necessary to take into account the characteristics of the medium. Many acid media have corrosion, concave-convex feeling, which is very simple to damage the protruding surface. How to deal with it? Pneumatic ball valves can use corrosion-resistant fluorine lining materials to do wear-resistant treatment, so they have pneumatic fluorine lining ball valves, etc.
2, the use of materials. The material of the pneumatic ball valve oil circuit board can be selected according to the field load. Generally, there are malleable cast iron, stainless steel plate, cast steel, carbon steel, plastic, etc. According to the rules of higher quality, there are also environmental sanitary pneumatic ball valves with good material.


3, the use of work pressure. It can be divided into low, medium and high, and 1.6MPa is attributed to the working pressure throughout.
4, the use of temperature. Can be divided into high temperature pneumatic ball valve, ultra low temperature pneumatic ball valve, pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic ball valve at room temperature.
5, the use of channel parts. It is divided into three-way pneumatic ball valve and pneumatic ball valve, according to the characteristics of the ball valve will be divided into fluctuation ball valve and fixed ball valve these, all in all, not the same selection should be based on the specific situation to choose.
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