Xinming introduces the structural characteristics of pneumatic actuators for you

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Xinming introduces the structural characteristics of pneumatic actuators for you

Wuxi Xinming automatic control valve industry co., LTD.Pneumatic actuatorStructural features
1), kneading molding of aluminum alloy cylinder, the hard oxidation treatment, the appearance of hard texture, strong wear resistance.

2), compact double piston gear, rack structure, precise meshing, smooth transmission, device orientation symmetry, stable output torque.

3) The active parts of the piston, rack and output shaft are equipped with F4 guide rings to complete low conflict, long life, and prevent metal contact.

4) The cylinder body, end cover, output shaft, tension spring, fasteners, etc. are all subject to anti-corrosion treatment.

5) The tension spring of the single air-controlled actuator can be safely and conveniently disassembled and assembled after being pre-pressed.

6) AT32 pneumatic actuator can carry out two-way stroke conditioning of 0 degree and 90 degree plus or minus 5 degree in full opening and full closing directions.

7) The device connection size meets the ISO5211, DIN3337, VD1/VDE3845 and namur standards to ensure the interchangeability between AT32 pneumatic actuators and facilitate the device solenoid valves, limit switches and other accessories.

8), the output shaft device connecting hole has a variety of shapes (square hole, shaft key hole, flat hole) for selection

9), beautiful and exquisite appearance, light weight, with waterproof sealing structure.

10), normal temperature type, high temperature type, low temperature type. Use nitrile rubber under normal temperature operating conditions, and use fluorine rubber or silicone rubber at high or low temperatures.

Pneumatic actuatorStructural features-fine small

Selection of kneaded aluminum alloy material, light weight, double piston rack and pinion structure torque.

-Method of manipulation

The long-distance switching signal is controllable (optional long-distance 4 ∽ 20mA current signal control), and the local operation knob can adjust the position of the valve on site.

-Condition indication

Switch limit and fault alarm (optional 4 ∽ 20mA current signal output reflects the valve opening).

-High intelligence

Electrical control part of the use of new SOC chip control, a high degree of intelligence.


Aluminum alloy shell and box body have strong anti-corrosion ability after phosphating treatment on the outside. The box body equipped with O-ring at static fit and skeleton oil seal at dynamic fit reaches IP68 protection level. The selectable explosion-proof box body can be suitable for operation in risk operation environments such as Zone 1 and Zone 2 of IIA and IIB T1-T4 explosive mixtures.

-High efficiency and low noise

Fine rack and pinion structure, small gap, high efficiency, low noise and long life.

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