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Pneumatic Flanged Ball Valve

With high-quality production equipment and research and development team, perfect testing equipment, mainly produces XM series pneumatic actuators, pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, all kinds of automatic control valves and valve accessories.

Key words: pneumatic actuator, pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic ball valve

Product Description

Pneumatic Flanged End Ball Valve


1. Unique design, beauty and elegance.

2. High-platform structure, and ISO5211 connection standard, realizing more specialized installation of electric/pneumatic actuators.

3. The surface of valve body is equipped with reinforcing ribs, protecting the valve from fracturing even being used in the corrosive media in the long term, and preventing the valve parts from being broken in the process of engineering installation.

4. Valve rods are processed by grinding machine, to relieve the torque in the process of assembling electric/pneumatic valves, and increase the flexibility.

5. After subjecting to phosphating treatment, the valve body of carbon steel ball valve does not fade or rust, and is both durable and beautiful.