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Pneumatic Stainless Steel Hard-sealed Butterfly Valve

With high-quality production equipment and research and development team, perfect testing equipment, mainly produces XM series pneumatic actuators, pneumatic butterfly valves, pneumatic butterfly valves, all kinds of automatic control valves and valve accessories.

Key words: pneumatic actuator, pneumatic butterfly valve, pneumatic ball valve

Product Description

Pneumatic stainless steel hard seal butterfly valve
The pneumatic butterfly valve is designed according to the principle of three-dimensional eccentricity, so that the spatial motion trajectory of the sealing surface is idealized. There is no friction or interference between the sealing surfaces; moreover. The use of excellent sealing materials can reliably ensure the air tightness, corrosion resistance and wear resistance of the butterfly valve. It has the following functions:
1. The starting torque is small, flexible and convenient, and labor-saving.
2. The three-stage eccentric structure makes the butterfly plate more and more compact, reliable packaging performance, and no leakage.
3. High pressure resistance, wear resistance and long service life.