Analysis of Pneumatic Actuator Maintenance

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Analysis of Pneumatic Actuator Maintenance

wuxi xinming automatic control valve industry specializing in the production of various types of pneumatic actuator, onPneumatic actuatorWuxi Xinming will analyze this piece of ordinary maintenance and repair for you:

Pneumatic actuator maintenance can be divided into minor repair and overhaul content, minor repair content is mainly based on the cause of the valve failure, targeted to take maintenance measures, and overhaul content in the maintenance must be to repair the following components.
1. Maintenance of cylinder
The cylinder must not be disassembled frequently. When replacing the "O"-shaped rubber sealing ring, remove the air source connector, disassemble the connection between the cylinder output lever and the rocker arm, then loosen the fixing screw, open the upper cover and pull out the valve cover, and replace the "O"-shaped rubber sealing ring. Then leak test shall be carried out, and the pressure drop shall not be greater than 5kPa after adding the rated pressure for 5min.

2. Overhaul of slide valve
The long stroke actuator of the slide valve is to ensure that the up and down movement of the command mechanism, so in the maintenance should ensure that the action is flexible and the position is correct. When in the middle, the upper and lower cylinder pressure should be balanced accordingly. During maintenance, the sealing surface of the valve body shall be checked for damage, and the damaged parts shall be repaired or replaced. After disassembly and maintenance of the slide valve, the valve shall be cleaned with washing oil to remove the dirt on the valve race and the valve sleeve, and then a trace of vacuum grease shall be added.

3. Maintenance of balance valve
When the manual-automatic switch is faulty, it should be disassembled for maintenance, and vacuum grease should be applied after maintenance.
Positioner calibration
Confirm that the positioner and the valve are normally connected and installed tightly. Check and confirm the connection between the circuit and the gas path, open the manual isolation valve of the gas source, and adjust the pressure adjustment bolt of the pressure reducer to make the gas supply pressure of the locator within the specified range.

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